About Lisa

Professional Summary (of sorts)

There is nothing linear about my work history. Yet, at the same time, it all connects. 

I started at a non-profit and ended up a year later at a stock exchange. (I was there during the crash of '87.) That job gave me the human resources skills I needed when I became a restaurant manager.

After I sold my restaurant I went into sales, and practically had to fight to get the job:

Interviewer: I don't think you're qualified. You don't have any sales experience.

Me: (frustrated because he hadn't asked me any questions and just kept talking about the same thing) I do have sales but it's not on my resume. One summer in college I went door to door to raise money for a cause and got $1000 from someone, just for asking.

I got the job.​

I have adapted to change in the economy, evolved as person and a parent, and created my own niche in the market as a freelancer. I'm a lifelong learner and my ability to adapt to change best describes my strongest attribute. 

Softer Skills

  Organized      Blunt      Neat     Structured   

  Creative    Innovative     Punctual     

  Analytical     Funny     Orderly    Talkative  

Work Stories

2001 - present

Account Manager

I've been in sales in one way or another since high school. I started with a hair accessory business, selling ribbon hair ties out of my pocket, literally, at school. I made them and packaged them with the Dazey Seal-A-Meal II. Eventually my hair product made it into a few stores. In college, I interned at MassPIRG and went door-to-door asking for money for the bottle bill and the superfund cleanup campaigns. Throw in waiting tables and my education was complete. My restaurant experience led me to food sales, and when I became too busy with my children to drive all over New England, led to media sales. I like that now I work closely with my community and can be a part of bringing people together.

2010 - present

Project Manager

All it takes is an idea and once the seed is planted, there's no stopping me. The year was 2010. Mommy bloggers had taken over the internet, at least in my world. And the internet and Facebook had taken over me. All I needed was a laptop and a Blackberry (I still wish I had it) and I was good to go. I had explained how Facebook worked to so many of my accounts that I decided to capitalize on it and strike out on my own. I was in heaven. I already had the planning experience from my restaurant days. I wrote, designed, built my first website (on Apple's iWeb,) trained people who were excited to learn, and made money doing it. From there I transferred my skills to a newspaper as a white label agency. This had become a trend at the time as a way for newspapers to transition into digital but it never really caught on, mainly because the sales cycle for digital products is a long game and the reps couldn't or wouldn't wrap their heads around it. I had moved from North Conway to Portland for this job. Given that there are as many marketing agencies as there are restaurants in the area, I went with something that I saw a need for and started freelancing as a resume writer. And it's paid off. All it took was a website. I have yet to pay for any advertising.

1991 - 2001

Operations Manager

Oh the stories. What I didn't get for money was made up for with experience and memories. I started in food service as a restaurant manager first, completely out of the usual career path. I had never waited tables. No time like the present! (If only I had mastered the cooking part. That would have helped me now.) The first place was a summer resort in Bridgton, Maine. It was beautiful and busy. For two seasons I ran the restaurant by the lake in the summer and worked at a ski resort in the winter. From Switzer Stübli in western Maine to Alpenglow Stube at Keystone Resort in Colorado. Not a bad gig. But my ego took over, and I thought it would be a good idea to open my own place. The chef and I moved back east to North Conway and eventually opened, wait for it, Alpenglow Grill. We compromised on the name. (Note to self When naming a business, don't compromise.) The running name theme dates back to our time in Switzerland, where the chef did his apprenticeship at the Restaurant Bahnhoefli in Wollerau, and I joined, under the guise of immersing myself in a true Swiss restaurant. I joyously tested the food every night and a few times, even helped out in the kitchen.

Owning a restaurant is not just risky but in my opinion, crazy. We also owned the real estate and that's what saved us. In an effort to be more profitable, I pleaded with the chef to reduce his food costs. He wouldn't change the menu, I couldn't do both front of the house and kitchen, so I let him have it his way and left. (He sold a year later.) The place is still a restaurant and I love to see how the outdoor patio has evolved since I created it in 1995. Inspired, of course, by my time in Switzerland.

My next move was Food & Beverage Manager at Cranmore. Four cafeterias, a bar, and events. No F&B Manager had survived more than a season and no one had made a profit. I changed that. There was a problem to be solved and I was determined to fix it. I won't lie, it was hard and I got a little burned out. But I had a great relationship with my food service sales person and she saved me. I went on to work for Sysco.

Clients &


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Education Musings

Simmons College

Boston, MA

Bachelor of Arts, Management

I wanted to major in English, but my mom convinced me to stay with business. Maybe because we already had two English majors in the family, or because I got an A in accounting and it came easy to me. I suppose I wanted a challenge, and that's why I kept trying new things. I loved debating philosophy, I was totally into my Third World Societies class even though I couldn't get past a C (it was worth it,) and Russian Literature was the best.


College highlights:

  • Hiring Tracy Chapman, a student at Tufts University at the time, to do a Coffee House. That summer, to my surprise, she performed at Wembly Stadium in London for the Nelson Mandela 70th Tribute Concert.

  • Organizing a bus trip to Washington, DC for "The March for Women’s Equality/Women’s Lives."


People I follow:

  • Seth Godin, marketing genius

  • Amy Porterfield, rockstar online marketer

  • Neil Patel, brilliant and generous online influencer

  • Marie Forleo, uber-fun-to-watch online success story

  • Brené Brown, for pearls of wisdom

There are others. And the list will change!

More about me:

  • I knit and sew. I did alterations in college for spending money.

  • I love to ski and lived in Colorado for two seasons and Switzerland for one. Now, I skin UP the mountain when I can to keep things interesting. I'm outdoors as much as possible.

  • I have two teenage boys. 

  • When I'm ready, I want to get a dog.